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Ride Report – Sunday 24th August – A Two Karl ride

A mole selfie

Making the most of the sun before the storm hits us for Bank Holiday Monday a tidy group of old and new faces met at the Bocketts Farms top car park.

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[The ability to have long travel without long chain stays, will relegate the 29er to XC only...(read the rest)

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It was a beautiful morning to be out...(read the rest)

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Hi Alex, if a can of worms had a sound I think I just heard it opening! I...(read the rest)

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Ride Report – Sunday 24th August – A Two Karl ride

A storm was predicted for the Bank Holiday and rain duly arrived on Monday. Thank goodness we were out on Sunday! Read the rest…


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Ride report: Sunday 17 August – North Downs

North Downs. Doesn’t sound like much really, does it? Yet somehow today we managed to squeeze in a variety of freshly uncovered trails, about 28 miles and 2800 feet of climbing (and, obviously, descending!). All in all quite a lot packed into a ride which never took us further than Shere then.


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13th of August – remebering how to night ride

Blimey two Moles rides in a week – it’s been a while! After the blast of last Sundays mudfest I thought that a follow up Wednesday night ride would be a good alternative so I dusted off the MTB lights, charged the batteries, dragged the newly returned from loan Pronghorn HT from the garage and posted up a ride on … Read the rest…

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QECP Wobbem thumb

QECP Trail Collective Enduro – 27 July 2014

How do the guys at QECP do it? I’m talking about the hotline to the weather gods that ensured we had a baking hot race on Sunday Read the rest…


Summer in Wales: Cwm Carn and The Gap Road

Mountain biking, as opposed to riding mountain bikes, requires a bit of circumspection. If the Surrey Hills can bite (and many of us have the evidence to show it), then mountains of any description will take more than a nibble if they get a chance. Read the rest…


Pronghorn 29er review; n=n+1+1

The Pronghorn PR Carbon 29 – a good basis of lightweight 29er hardtail Read the rest…

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Maybe it’s a bad idea to stick stuff on your crash helmet?

Blood spots on the snow

For a long time now this thought has been nagging at me and recent events have served only to bring it to the front of my mind.

I’m talking about sticking stuff on our crash helmets, more particularly the kind of appendages riders sport to capture their escapades in glorious technicolor. It’s possible you might end up seeing the wrong kind of colour entirely.

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Nordic walking

Nordic Walking

As some of you will know, I managed to dislocate my shoulder during a recent moles ride over on Pitch Hill (Two-Headed Dog since you ask).

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A guide to the buying the best helmet cameras

‘Film where you go and what you do.’

Phrases like this are how action cams are often promoted. If this appeals to you, what do you need to become Steven Speilberg on a MTB? Marketing hyperbole aside, why would you want to film your rides in the first place?

Contour HD video recorder

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