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Working 9 to 5

Eat Mountain Biking, Drink Mountain Biking, Live Mountain Biking!

It’s a mantra that seems to be taking more and more effect in my head recently, a situation which perhaps is not that healthy and hints at subverted OCD tendencies – but then I’ve always argued, perhaps facetiously, that web people are borderline OCD anyway.

It’s getting to me.

The way this recent run of unseasonally warm and dry weather has produced trails in late summer condition without excessive undergrowth to hinder progress (check out the Beaverbrook descent at the moment). The way we have a number of trips lined up for the coming months. The way Spring enthusiam is infusing all around. The way the prospect of a new bike is prompting anticipation for the riding ahead. And the way using a hardtail for the first time in years transforms familiar trails.

Last night I found myself in the garage, switching my Mavic 317 wheelset onto the Inbred and fitting the wireless computer from my Rift Zone. Taking the bike for a quick blast round empty streets at 10:30 at night.

This morning I came out of the house to drive to work and enjoyed the smell of recent rain on the earth. And now I’m sitting at working, just a few feet from a window out of which I can see sunny weather and almost feel myself riding all day.

Eat Mountain Biking, Drink Mountain Biking, Live Mountain Biking!

Or maybe I just talk about it too much?

Now, over to you…

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2 comments on Working 9 to 5

  1. Alex says:

    I find bikes, parts, upgrades, planned trips, etc all fantastically interesting and absorbing…. right up until I go and ride a bike at which point I don’t really give a sh*t :)

    Bikes are great. That may be OCD but anyone who doesn’t think so is just plain MENTAL!

  2. Muddymoles says:

    11 things for Mountain Bikers

    As a Mountain Bike rider (as opposed to someone who just talks about MTB riding), here’s a few things you may want to do at some stage. I was going to call this post ’11 things for Mountain Bikers to…

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