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The Bike Plow


Written by Matt on and filed under 2006, News

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If you thought cycling in the middle of winter in this country is hard, look at the lengths some people go to over in Chicago…

The Bike Plow

You can thank Newsgator for this find. As I searched around looking at web design blogs I stumbled across a reference to this on my first visit to Maisonbisson.

The site’s author, Casey Bisson, had posted an article showing a bike snowplough used in Vancouver and mentioned this one in passing made by Dave Peterson. Respect to the guy’s ingenuity and dedication!

More details (waaaay more details) can be found in the ‘inventor’s’ write up.

Now, over to you…

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  1. Muddymoles says:

    Build a bike jump

    Want to get better at jumping on your bike. Why not build your own bike jump then?

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