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10-05-15 Short and Sweet – Midget Porn and Brake Pads

“Great ride”, shouted Dandy as he peeled off, “can you do the ride report.” So, six days later, here it is – short and sweet. I’ll blame a long busy week in a safety meeting.

Just a bit of drizzle, really

The forecast wasn’t great, and despite some pleading from the young ‘uns (swiftly dealt with), we set off at 0845 in a heavy drizzle.

Ride report: Sunday 19th April. Leith Hill hooning about.

So Sunday morning dawned dry and bright with just a chill in the air. A perfect spring morning for hooning about in the Surrey Hills.The usual RV at Bocketts car park saw a gathering of 6 riders keen to hit the dry n dusty trails. Elliott, James, D’Dub, Andy, AKAK/Andrew (driven up from darkest Wiltshire earlier on) and myself, assembled on … Read the rest…

Ride report: Friday slackers hit Afan and Cwm Carn

Well that turned out well! When someone suggests to you a couple of days in Wales in March, you don’t expect to be basking in temperatures pushing 13° but that’s exactly how things worked out. Thank goodness for Kev, our lucky weather gnome.

Ride report: Sunday 8 March – simply, Newlands Corner

Following the St David’s Day ride last Sunday the brightening weather saw the Moles diaspora spread far and wide. Some of us went south toward Peaslake (Southside Johnny and his shovel), some rambled on Ranmore with the gnarrsters (D’Andy, Al and Nick) and the rest of us joined Lay-Dave on a trip to Newlands.

Ride Report – 1st March – Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus

Eight of us made the St David’s Day ride, and they shall be identified only by their sick gangsta tags: Dandy, Muddy Dave, D-Dub, Jemster, James (who’s clearly not that sick), Lord On-One, RoadMole, and Southside Johnny.

Ride Report – Sunday 22 Feb – Moles migrate South to Peaslake and Pitch Hill

Due to the incessantly changeable weather and amount of rain that fell last week, it seemed a good idea to meet over at Peaslake for Sundays ride and avoid the worst of the Ranmore B@stard glue mud (copyright quote property of Mr Karlos Fandango)

Ride Report – Sunday 25 Jan – The Magnificent Seven ride again

Along with our native guide, a Moles Magnificent Seven rode out over the hills and valleys of the Wild West … of Sevenoaks.

Sunday 4th Jan – Short ride / Short report

The long suffering Dave C and Matt both turned up for the first Sunday of the year, together with the more regular James, Dave W, Elliot, Kev, Lloyd, Jem, Karl and myself – plus newbie Andrew Wood. After Dave’s modified Epsom route we adjourned to Domestique in Bookham for coffee and cake. All in all a very muddy start to … Read the rest…

Sunday 21st December Bigging it up – gone fat round Leith

After Dandy’s blistering fast KOM last week I knew it would be tough to match his pace, so it’s no surprise I haven’t managed to publish this ride report nearly as fast as him. On Sunday morning I was up early, ready for Big Al to arrive outside my house with the cherished Puffin fatbike which he had kindly agreed … Read the rest…

Sunday, 14 December – Mud ‘n sunshine

Six of us made it for the slightly delayed start time of 9am, delayed due to a number of Christmas Celebrations on Saturday night. Joining me were Dave ‘D-Dub’, Elliot, Karl .. os Fandango, James S and JR. After some indecision over the precise route, we opted for ‘View to a kill’ and ‘Petrol Pump’ as the preferred route to … Read the rest…

Sunday 7th of December – great trails and the promise of sunshine

It’s been quite a while since I’d made it to a Moles Sunday ride, or even a longer MTB ride, so it was great to get out this morning. Braving the poor, put improving weather we made a group of four, James, DaveW, JohnR and I.

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